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Ski slopes and complexes

Ski slopes attract a huge number of athletes from various directions, and almost at any time of the year you can meet a person who has come to exercise, honing their sports skills. 

Most often, professional skiers come here. Here for them there are natural snow-covered ascents and descents of varying complexity. But just an amateur or novice will always be provided with equipment for rent. On the natural slopes, you can hold various competitions – the main thing is that the weather does not disappoint. Also, fans of snowboarding come to such places on various slopes from gentle to the steepest-snowboarders. This sport has been gaining popularity since 1998, when it was included in the program of the Olympic Games (a kind of halfpipe).

Some ski resorts can afford to host bobsledders by building a special ice chute on a reinforced concrete base. Such a special route should have a height difference of 130 m, sharp turns and a length of about 2 km. Such structures can usually boast only specialized sports bases. And bobsleigh, although it has been an Olympic sport since 1924, is not so popular. Perhaps it's a special technically equipped sleigh that only the most interested people can afford.

In summer, mountain bikers come here-lovers of conquering mountain peaks and going down steep slopes on special, specially designed bicycles (mountain bikes). Due to the presence of a reinforced trapezoidal low frame and strong wheels with a hooked tread, such bicycles are suitable for riding on uneven ground surfaces. 

At any time of the year, the complexes on the ski slopes of the resorts will be happy to visit climbers who are constantly in search of new unconquered peaks. They are unlikely to stay at a certain base for a long time, as it is important for them to move from the beginning of the path to the final destination, while overcoming technical difficulties that arise. 

Active recreation on the mountain slopes is an excellent workout for the body in the fresh, clean air in natural conditions and the opportunity to admire the wonderful nature. 

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